Nelson Packaging Sales, Inc.

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60565, USA

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Nelson Packaging Sales, Inc.

Global Packaging Solutions

Nelson Packaging Sales is a distributor of consumer and industrial packaging, we partner with leading paper and film converters. We offer FDA and EU Compliant, High Density Plastic containers third party certified for Food Contact. Supply packaging for Nutraceuticals products and Agribusiness animal health.   Newest packaging is  Eco-Flex Recycle Ready barrier packaging films.   Thank you for visiting our Web Page and please contact us for your specific need.  

Product Overview


Inteplast XF Films

High Density Polyethelyne

Woven PP shipping sacks

Plastic pails and bottles

BioBased loosefill packaging material

Truck dunnage

Pallet Wrap

Kraft paper shipping sacks

Bulk Sacks - FIBC

Hooder film

Stand up packages

Nelson Packaging partners with quality producers of packaging materials.

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We take great care in overseeing package specifications and work closely with industry professionals and packaging producers to offer solutions using the latest in packaging technology and innovation for Consumer and Industrial packaging applications.

Certified member

Institute of Packaging Professionals CPP
Chicago Chapter of IoP

Affiliate member

Society of Plastic Engineers (SoPE)

Alumni of Executive Leader Program

Masters in Packaging Science
Rochester Institute of Technology
Rochester, New York Chicago Chapter of IoP