Nelson Packaging Sales, Inc.

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Nelson Packaging Sales, Inc.

Distributor of Consumer and Industrial Packaging

Founded in 2000 by Dain and Carol Nelson

Dain and Carol  Principal Owners, they have over 30 years of experience in consumer and industrial Packaging. Both are UW-Oshkosh Graduates.  

Dain is a member of the Chicago Chapter of IoPP and affiliate member with the Society of Plastic Engineers and holds a Master in Packaging Science from the college of applied Science and Technology, Executive Leader Program from the Rochester Institute of Technology in Rochester, New York. He also holds Elite Member status as a certified member of the Institute of Packaging Professionals, IOPP.

Nelson Packaging takes great care to oversee packaging specifications and partners with leading industry converters and packaging professionals to offer solutions with the latest technology in packaging innovation.

At Nelson Packaging, we build partnerships with our customers and partners with professional service, integrity, and commitment. These partnerships allow our business to flourish and have been the foundational structure from which we have built our business for almost two decades.

RecycleReady Technology

Nelson Packaging now offers RecycleReady Technology, an innovative packaging concept created by The Dow Chemical Company.

This unique packaging option combines the traditional benefits of flexible packaging with the additional value of sustainability. Manufactured with only recycle ready materials, this packaging technology is qualified to enter the packaging stream immediately after time of use. To dispose of the packaging, end-users can use pre-existing PE recycle drop-offs found at grocery stores and home improvement centers.

Since 1981, Dain Nelson has provided packaging expertise and innovations to our customers.

Nelson Packaging Sales, Inc offers some of the most unique packaging solutions rarely found at other packaging companies such as: